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Family Book

Family Book

Everyone in the Netherlands bearing the family name Sangster is a descendant of George Sangster from Aberdeen. He arrived in the first half of the 18th Century in the Republic of the United Netherlands as a soldier in the Scots Brigade.For more details visit the website

From his marriage in 1754 with Johanna Geertruij Heijmans it appears that he served under Lt Col. Dundas in Gen. Maj Stuart’s regiment. Subsequently he became a tax collector of the Great Brabant Land toll, horse and protection duties, first in Dinther and later in Breda. His wife died in 1776 and het remarried with Hendrina van Bossij. All Dutch Sangsters are descendants of this couple.Since the publication of the first edition of the family book in 2011/2 a huge amount of new information has become available which justified a completely revised 2nd edition that was published in November 2015.This edition is in Dutch and describes factual genealogical information as well as stories about many individuals from the first five generations. There is also a chapter about myths and true stories that were passed on from generation to generation.

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