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Your Expectation

This book is about assessing risk, taking decisions and executing these decisions. It is about risk, uncertainty and insecurity. It is about communication, history, experience, society and life in general. It is neither a textbook nor a manual for success. It simply tells a story that might inspire you to look at events, people and situations a bit differently, to act slightly differently, control yourself slightly differently and make you achieve what you really want. Ultimately, it may help you to be more successful.

Your Expectation is for everybodywho wants to be successful in his professional and personal life. It helps to improve your rational skills in risk assessment, decision-making as well as the necessary emotional competences to manage change, uncertainty and the interaction with others. A professional execution of your decisions is equally important and this book helps you to prepare for it. Many stories and historical events highlight the various steps in the decision-making process and will inspire to use seemingly irrelevant small events of every day's life to practice and further advance these skills and competences.

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